Conference Presentations

Phillips, C. (2016). Songs for the Soul: Use of Storytelling to Address Compassion Fatigue in Nursing, Poster Presentation at the American Holistic Nursing Association, Bonita Springs, FL.

Phillips, C. (2017). Addressing Oncology Nurses' Grief with a Song for the Soul, Podium Presentation at the Oncology Nursing Society 42nd Annual Congress, Denver, CO.

CHRISTUS St. Vincent Hospital 11th Annual Bioethics Conference: “The Spectrum of Health Caring: Compassion, Kindness, Sympathy Empathy”

Songs for the Soul: Arts in Medicine Breakout Session, 11th Annual Bioethics Conference, Santa Fe, NM, November, 2016

In this breakout session, participants will experience what it is like to write on a topic, and work with a professional songwriter to create a song from your writing. In this hour session, we will create a healing mantra for participants to take with them.